Smokey Bones: everything you need to know in 2023

Smokey Bones:

Smokey Bones is a restaurant chain found in several states across the United States. With locations from coast to coast, Smokey Bones offers customers a unique dining experience that blends traditional American cuisine with a modern twist.

The restaurant is well known for its signature charred baby back ribs, served with classic sides like loaded mashed potatoes and coleslaw. For many years, Smokey Bones has been a popular choice for date nights and family gatherings alike.

The ribs have the right smoky flavor and tenderness, making them a favorite among regulars. Topped off with homemade barbecue sauce, you can enjoy them without any extra condiments or accompaniments.

Smokey Bones

In addition to the ribs, there are plenty of other dishes on offer, such as pulled pork sandwiches and beef brisket, that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you needing more. When it comes to the sides, you’ll find all the favorites like creamy macaroni and cheese, truffle fries, baked beans, collard greens, and more.

History of Smokey Bones

Smokey Bones has provided customers with good food and a casual atmosphere since 1999. Founded by David Gilbert, the popular restaurant chain was initially called “Backyard BBQ” and offered a unique selection of barbeque dishes.

The restaurant quickly grew in popularity and expanded across the country, with new locations popping up in states like Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and more.

In 2002, the chain changed its name from Backyard BBQ to Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill to better position itself as an upscale barbeque-style eatery. The new name also reflected the restaurant’s commitment to creating meals over open flame grills made of smokey hickory wood for a truly authentic flavor.

Types of Food Served

Smokey Bones

They offer various meal options for their guests, including appetizers, entrees, and side dishes. Whether you are looking for something light or to satisfy your hunger, Smokey Bones has it all.

Whatever your taste buds desire, Smokey Bones has it available! Their menu includes delicious starters like chicken wings, fried pickles, and baby back ribs.

For the main course, they offer burgers, sandwiches, and barbecue platters like pulled pork and beef brisket. If you’re looking for something more traditional, there are portions of pasta and steak dinners too.

Smokey Bones is a safe area for anyone who enjoys heat-infused meals with an extra kick of flavor. Offering specialty items such as Firecracker Shrimp & Grits or the Brisket Quesadilla Burger, diners can enjoy a unique twist on traditional American cuisine.

Unique Atmosphere

Smokey Bones offers a unique atmosphere that is sure to please guests who are looking for something different.

The restaurant provides a high-energy environment filled with the sounds of conversation and music, making it a great place to meet up with friends. With its cozy decor, warm colors, and brick accents, the atmosphere alone will make you feel right at home.

The restaurant is known for its warm and inviting atmosphere, with comfortable seating and plenty of space to move around. The walls are decorated with old-time memorabilia from classic western films, creating an intriguing ambiance that will make your evening all the more memorable.

Customer Service

Customer service is integral to any business, and Smokey Bones strives to provide the best customer service possible. Customers who have had experiences with Smokey Bones continue to be highly satisfied with the restaurant’s approach to customer service.

Smokey Bones has been rated as one of the top places for exceptional customer service. From their friendly and welcoming staff to their fast response time when addressing customers’ needs,

they are dedicated to ensuring that all guests have a great experience while at their establishments. They also offer helpful advice and suggestions so that customers can make informed decisions about what they want to purchase.

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Reviews Smokey Bones

The chain has received rave reviews from diners across the country for its flavorful menu items and comfortable atmosphere.

One recent customer said they had gone to Smokey Bones with family members for dinner and enjoyed every minute. The customer praised their menu’s wide selection of barbeque dishes and noted that they were all cooked perfectly. They also commented positively on the friendly staff who promptly cater to each diner’s needs.

The restaurant chain is quickly becoming one of the top choices for many diners due to its positive reviews and the overall enjoyment it provides its customers. With more people discovering what Smokey Bones offers, this restaurant is set up for success shortly.

Conclusion on Smokey Bones

Smokey Bones offers a wide variety of delicious food that can satisfy anyone’s appetite. From the smokehouse classics to the fire-grilled favorites, their menu is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.

Smokey Bones knows how to serve the flavor in every bite, from juicy burgers and loaded sandwiches to fresh salads and decadent desserts. Not only does their food taste great, but it also is cooked with high-quality ingredients, giving customers an even more excellent dining experience.

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