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exchange rate euro to dollar: in 2023

Using a currency conversion calculator is a very simple way to get an estimated rate when exchanging currency.

Exchange rate euro to dollar:

If you are considering moving to the United States, you may need to exchange much of your money for U.S dollars, the nation’s official currency. The international sign for the cash is USD.

The U.S. dollar is well known as a “buck.”

This article has the information you may need to know about exchanging euros for U.D. dollars, which includes where to save the great exchange rates and how to escape paying a high amount on your conversion.

exchange rate euro to dollar
exchange rate euro to dollar

How do I Convert Euros to U.S. Dollars?

Counting the conversion of euros to U.S. dollars is very easy. You can either use any calculator or do it by hand.

Using a Currency Calculator

Using a currency conversion calculator is a very simple way to get an estimated rate when exchanging currency. However, since the exchange rates do not stay on one side daily, using a calculator can safe your math is correct.

Remember that converting currency can come with added fees that a conversion calculator won’t be able to predict. For example, credit card companies and ATM providers usually charge a 1% conversion fee on all foreign transfers.

People merchants may also charge additional amounts if you tell them to exchange the price of an item for your local currency at checkout.

Do the calculation manually

Another chance is to do the calculation using the easiest formula of mathematics. Meanwhile, to do this, you want to understand the current exchange rate at the period of writing this article, 1 Euro, estimated USD 0.99.

exchange rate euro to dollar
exchange rate euro to dollar

Immediately you understand the details, multiply your USD money by the current conversion rate. The outcome amount will show you the USD you must spend on your trip.

Example of Manual Currency Exchange

Assuming you have Euro 1,000 and would love to find out how many U.S. dollars you have for a journey to the United States. Using the current conversion rate, the formula for your exchange would look like this:

€1, 000 EUR x 0.99 = $999 USD

When you are ready to purchase USD, it’s great to think ahead to ensure you pay the little charges. Here are three examples to get the currency you need while minimizing the expenses you will be charged:

exchange rate euro to dollar
exchange rate euro to dollar
  • Conversion at a bank or credit union before your trip: One of the most effective ways to convert your currency is to head to your bank before travel. However you have a great friendship with them, your bank will most likely give you good conversion rates and receive the smallest fees.

For instance, Norddeutche Landesbank of Germany usually collects an estimated expenditure of about 2% of the payment amount.

  • Withdrawals were simple using your bank’s ATM abroad: If you want to convert a large amount of money while travelling, look for an in-network ATM. For instance, Banco Santander of Spain has many offices in the United States.

Many banking applications have an “ATM locator” feature to guide you in looking for the closest chance. Using an ATM affiliated with your bank can support you in avoiding excess fees.

  • Online Currency Order: If your bank doesn’t provide an online shipping service, you may also use a third party to get the currency to the location you want. Meanwhile, having that additional charge with many of these vendors in mind would be best.

For example, one of Ireland’s money exchangers advertises that they don’t charge a conversion fee. Although, you will have to pay at least €9.95 for shipping on orders worth less than €680.

Money Conversion Partners

  3. Western Union
  4. World Remit
  5. and many more

What are the things you need to avoid when Converting currency?

Converting currency at the airport:While swapping the cash at the airport is very simple, unquestionably, these usually offer many of the worst converting rates while charging many of the highest fees.

Our Conclusion on the exchange rate euro to dollar

Here are the few pieces of information we have for you on this topic; we have told you the name of the company of the most trusted exchangers that you can make use of; however, if you find this article useful for yourself, friends, or your relatives kindly share this post to them. And don’t forget to share your thought in the comment section below.

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