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Don’t look up a film review in 2023

Among the primary alert of "Don't Look Up" is related to social profile and college education - the knowledge that people gives the reality is the same, if not more essential than the truth themselves.

Don’t look up a film review:

“Don’t Look Up” has broken many Netflix records for weekly streaming hours and has become the company’s third-most-streamed movie. In other words, this problem comedy film, featuring all the movie stars in the industry, like Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Cate Blanchett, Timothee Chalamet, and Meryl Streep, is skyrocketing to infamous status.

But does it deserve the hype online or not?

However, Don’t Look Up seems simplistic, balancing at the top of the dreaded “popcorn” classification.

After all, the plot starts with an astronomy student from Michigan State University, Kate Dibiasky (Jennifer Lawrence), making a potentially catastrophic discovery. This comet, which will obliterate Earth, is instantly approaching. (don’t look up)

After her advisor, Dr. Randall Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio), agrees with her calculations, Dibiasky and Mindy send their results to the President of the United States, Jamie Orlen (Meryl Streep). From there, it ensured chaos.

don't look up
don’t look up

Don’t look up a film review in 2022

Although the premise is not novel, many decisions are thought-provoking and have an impact on themes woven into the plot of this film, giving it far more depth than others, which I’m sure has controlled the power of its popularity.

Among the primary alert of “Don’t Look Up” is related to social profile and college education – the knowledge that people gives the reality is the same, if not more essential than the truth themselves.

The actual conflict that Dibiasky and Mindy see in the movie is convincing the general public and the President that their discovery is simple and needs to be taken care of; however, the two characters are snubbed based on not being from an Ivy League university.

One character even replies to their details:

“(We’ll) get many of our individual on it. Many Ivy Leaguers, no offense,” Taking this problem attention was not an error. The movie director and writer Adam McKay was known for the unwarranted exaltation placed on top of Ivy colleges in the real world and incorporated this theme into the plot,

don't look up
don’t look up

moving the awareness about the essence of telling the realities themselves to see through any societal biases. mcKay’s letter went loud and accessible to the clarity, partly down to the inability of many characters to see previous Dibiasky’s non-Ivy status, (Don’t look up a film review in 2022)

Meanwhile, they get shot down when the presenters try to dismiss their facts to make the situation light-hearted. When Dibiasky lost her patience in an upset outburst, the people had a field day, and memes of the show went viral.

Her words before exiting the interrogation were, “Maybe it’s supposed to stay up all night crying.” Even though her grave terms and warnings are repeated, no one seems to listen. However, Dibiasky’s ex-mate replies to the question by calling her a “crazy chick.”

McKay drives home his letter of the dangers of a superficial culture that means flash upon reality, with the remainder of the film unfolding as an outcome of the individual’s ignorance, (Don’t look up a film review in 2022)

In the middle of the movie is the problem staring at our collective face in society square: a changing climate. McKay puts an exciting twist on the situation, with the society professionals escaping from the problem on Earth to a very long planet.

The characters get out of their spaceship in a way that reminds me of Adam and Eve. They walk into the new world naked and don’t know anything about the people who live there—an entirely fresh beginning. What occurs next – the closing scene of the film – is better shocking and satirical, but I will let you understand that laughter comedy for yourself.

don't look up
don’t look up

I could go everlasting about this film; the letter it sends to the viewers is helpful and thought-provoking. Even if one disagrees with many ideas, it is still a great film worth your time.

It would be best if you watched and then reflected on the themes you felt were added. “Don’t Look Up” is not a “popcorn” failure, as you may believe, and it entirely lives up to its high expectations.

Conclusion About Don’t Look Up

It is one of the short stories of a hilarious but mighty movie you should watch, and we are giving you this simple information on Don’t Look Up; it is your time to watch.

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